Sunday, June 02, 2013

From A to B

It has been so long since my previous post. Guess I was just too busy to realise that I actually have a blog! Well, so much things have changed after I came out from uni. I must say I miss uni life even though sometimes can be very stressful. At least there was a guideline to follow. Get the assignments done, pass your test and that was it. Unlike working life, sometimes I have a sense of lost of direction but it is fun when you know there are so many possibilities and goals out there for you to achieve. The sky is your limit!
Things have changed so much during the past one year. From staying in Australia to moving back to Malaysia, from an accountant to running a business with my partner, from holding a pen to make a living to conducting baking classes, from working in an office to testing recipes in the kitchen. That was a huge step to take but here I am now; running a cake ingredients and utensils shop but it aint easy. We are facing a few strong competitors here in KK market. It has been almost a year since we started yet still struggling now.
I love to bake and I enjoy teaching but sometimes it can be so tiring after 10 hours of work and still have to do paperwork at night. I gotta admit that making a living here in Malaysia is not easy. The living expenses here are just too high to accomodate. The income-expense gap is just too big to cover. Ever since this business started, day and night I spent most of my time thinking how to get this business to work. This is a high capital, low profit margin industry. Only through baking classes that our business improved heaps recently. However, the fact that long standing hours causes leg pain is undeniable.
Perhaps lack of rest and too much of thinking leads to my mood swing lately. I think I need a good night out! Work has also take over our bonding time. We are spending 9-12 hours a day, 6 days a week at work and hardly have our own time. I can't even remember when was the last time we have a really enjoyable date, a date without involving the work. It's so hard to even watch a movie together in the cinema.
Has work taken over our lives? I wish this is just a temporary period. As soon as the business is stable, I need a long getaway to see the world once again. All and all, I still love my job. I just to to get someone to share the workloads.
That's all for now. I shall get a good rest to continue this long journey ahead. Feel so much better after blogging. This is happening again, if you know what I mean.
Until then.

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